Special Ad Service is a unique Wellington-based consultancy that offers the strategic & creative firepower of a leading agency… with the efficiency, collaboration and hands-on service of a specialist consultant. For brands and organisations, it’s a way to get the results you need more efficiently – with complete cost certainty, and with no priorities other than yours.


We take you from your business problem, to an approved strategic / creative response across the most relevant channels – all for one pre-estimated, capped fee.

Rather than focusing on creative and production in isolation, we develop them together. Proposed channels, layers of activity and budget range are specified before creative development starts, and all solutions put forward are accompanied by confirmed suppliers, costs and timings – for no surprises, a more agile process, and to keep creative vision always aligned to practical reality.

We then oversee the production and implementation of your project to it’s completion – with all external production delivered to you direct from the supplier, at cost. Whatever the task, we’ll put forward a capable and cost-efficient partner for your approval… or work seamlessly with one of yours.

Depending on your needs, these stages can be integrated, or unbundled…delivered project-to-project, or on a more ongoing basis as required. It’s a leaner, closer way of working – where the only weight you carry, is the gear you really need.